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-Einstein did not fail math.  He mastered integral and differential calculus by the time he was 15.

-Einstein GRADUATED from a highschool in switzerland at 17 in 1896.  He did drop out from a school in germany but he continued his education elsewhere.

-He was fired from a job tutoring children.  I can’t find anything about being fired from his job as a patent clerk as it seems to be entirely overshadowed by the fact that he published his most important work during that time.  I found a couple articles saying he was given a raise, one that said he was denied a promotion and one that said he was fired for changing all the clocks at the office.

-Everything i’ve seen says that he left germany of his own free will.  The only hint of deportation was from the FBI’s attempt to have him deported from the US.

-This one seems to be true but who cares?

-Cursory searching finds nothing regarding any interations with a mannequin worth noting.

-Same for the next 3.

-Einstein had at least 2 children, likely a third and was not only married twice but had a few mistresses.


I hate stupid lists like this.  Half of this shit is probably made up and the other half is misconstrued or half-truths stretched to fit the creators agenda.

You clown

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